Rilegatrice Opera 42

  • Model

    OPERA 42

  • Machine Code


  • System

    Papercombs (small/medium sizes)

  • Max. binding thickness

    20 mm

  • Paper size

    A4 + A3 (lato corto solo per dorsi plastici)

  • Operation


  • Size (l x w x h) 2

    43 x 32 x 30 cm

  • Weight

    21 Kg

What it is

Opera 42 is the highest level of YouBind binders. Opera 42 punctures holes and in addition to YouBind binding, it may also realize booklets with the traditional plastic spines. The pages of the book are punched with the same type of holes drilled for plastic spines, but the spines, which binds them, is made in paper. The spine has a form of a flat comb (Papercomb). As it happens manually for YouBind100 also Opera 42, folds the teeth of the comb on themselves to lock the pages and create the spine of the book.

How it works

The insertion of the Papercomb is done while the volume is kept locked inside the machine. The binding is done by means-of a roller, manually operated, which effectively folds down the back of the comb and glues it on the spine of the book. The glue on the Papercomb is cold, so the book is ready to be read at once.

Quality of the finished result

Customizing your bindings with images, logos and textures characterizes your image and your taste, and you will have a book that represents you and speaks about you, allowing a new and different way of communication.
A bound document with YouBind is also:


The binding operation is fast because it takes only 6-7 seconds. The book can be used immediately because the glue on the spine is cold. This system drills pages up to 25 sheets of 80 g and binds volumes from 4 to 200 pages. It is a Prima product, manufactured in Italy and guaranteed 3 years.